Hi Thayaparan, unfortunately if it’s not available in your country yet they won’t accept your application. If you have a friend in another country who might be able to create an account for you, that’s one workaround. There are lots of ways to monetize a YouTube channel outside of ads, like product reviews (for example). I hope this helps!

Jan 27, 2019 · How To Fix Spotify Not available in your Country Error? Spotify is indeed a great music streaming service available on the Google Play Store. The app actually allows users to find and listen to music, song, podcast, audio books, novels, soundtrack without downloading. HOW TO FIX ‘APP NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY’ ERROR. Almost everyone is aware of the thing called ‘VPN’ or ‘Virtual Private Network.’ We will use a VPN app that will let us browse the internet from the IP of another country. This might seem some hacking related stuff right? Jan 25, 2020 · Tip – The important tip of the how to download apps not available in your country on iPhone would be that to create fake Apple ID you need to provide some information of the country that you have selected such a phone number verification. For this, you can use apps which can be easily downloaded as well. Good day! I wanted to subscribe to a plan under the Adobe Acrobat DC product. However, whenever I enter my Paypal or credit card details in the checkout, it will say "Product unavailable in your country." I've tried the change country tip in the forums but it still gives me the same result. Is there Mar 05, 2018 · The following are some of the best ways to solve the problem of “content not available in your country”: Virtual Private Network (VPN) Since the majority of blocked websites and video content impose the ban on the basis of your location, which is determined by your IP address, a VPN can easily solve this problem.

Oct 04, 2017 · As long as you’re not getting physical products delivered, Amazon won’t notice that 123 Harry Street, Beverly Hills, California, doesn’t exist. Whatever way you get your address, the process is the same. Open the Amazon version of the country you’re currently using. For me right now, that’s Amazon.com.

VPN changes the location of our IP address to other country’s IP address. For Example: US or UK. Therefore the Google Play Store will detect and assume that our android gadget is in US, and allow you to use the app not available in your country android. 1) Firstly, you will need a VPN app to fake your location to the Google Play Store. 10 Fixes for Apple Music Item Not Available Issue – iMobie

The country associated with your adobe id must match the store you purchase from and must match the payment address. those are restrictions you must overcome. the payment address matching is the big hurdle for most people but it sounds like that is not a hurdle for you.

One thing is that a certain song is not available in my country, but why are e.g. the playlists not country specific so that you avoid having songs not available? This phenomenon causes my Squeezebox Touch to stop and to remain stopped until I press next manually which is rather irritating! Regards. Lars