Jul 11, 2017

Dec 23, 2011 · My 13-year-old son wants an Xbox Live Gold account. Child accounts need to be registered under a parent account. I have the accounts all set up. So then I logged into my son’s (free) account to upgrade it to gold. But then when I click the upgrade button it says it’s not allowed, and prompts me to login to the adult account. After me signing in to my Micorsoft account (I also have an Xbox Live account) it stated that I needed to enter my credit card details in order to verify my son's account. The problem was, was that the credit card section stated that I had to use a U.S. based credit card as it would charge me $0.50c (which would be donated to charity) to verify Mar 31, 2020 · However, some Xbox users have reported Xbox Live won’t work on child account issues while trying to use their Xbox Live account with the Child account as reported in the Microsoft Community Forums. Adding XBox Live to a Child Account Hello, I’m a bit of a newbie to XBox. Dec 06, 2018 · First off, parents will need to set up a child account at account.microsoft.com and link it to their Microsoft account. Once that’s done, parents have access to more than 15 comprehensive and customizable tools to manage their child’s account across four key categories: screen time management, purchase limits, content filters, and privacy. Jul 14, 2020 · To use the most recent Windows Parental Controls and Microsoft Family Safety features, both you and your child need a Microsoft Account (not a local one).Although you can get a Microsoft account for your child before you configure available parental controls in Windows 10, it’s simpler and more straightforward get the account during the configuration process.

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We were unable to sign you in to Xbox Live There is a problem with your account. To fix it, go to Xbox.com and sign in. As suggested, I signed into the child's Microsoft account on xbox.com and was greeted with the following page: Attention Updated Microsoft Services Agreement The Microsoft Services Agreement has recently been updated. YouTube Kids, YouTube & your child's Google Account Your child will be able to use YouTube if you added supervision to their previously existing Google Account. Note : If you live in the European Union and you created a Google Account for your child using Family Link, your child may begin using other YouTube apps and features when they are 13 years old.

How to create an Xbox Live account on Windows 10

Aug 08, 2019 · Switch to the child profile. Press the "Guide" button, press the "X" button to sign out of your account and then press the "X" button again to see the available account profiles. Choose the child profile and then press the green "A" button to select and sign in. 10