In the Adapters and Bindings dialog, move Local Area Connection to the top of the Connections list using the green UP arrow. Click OK, then close all windows and restart the In-Sight Explorer software. In the In-Sight Explorer menu select System > Add Sensor/Device to Network. Right-click in the white space and select Show All Devices.

"Local Area Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration - posted in Networking: PROBLEM Network and Sharing Center suddenly shows an Unidentified network Troubleshooting the network gives me Jan 25, 2019 · Ethernet has been down since last night, so the current Ipv4 address is (where xx are numbers I hide). I am not sure what a short lease is, I noticed the lease is in general 3~4 days when ethernet works, it also shows a real Ip address not the one it currently shows. I loose internet connection even when I am browsing sometimes. Feb 16, 2010 · Here is the problem - Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address Assign a private ip to each pce.g. So make the other one the subnet should be To do thisopen control panel>network and sharing center click change adapter settings right click properties on local area connection go to properties of tcp/ip v4 If you are using Windows 7 - Right Click the network Icon by the clock in your task bar Choose Open Network and Configuration Change adapter settings Look for a wireless connection Right click and choose properties Double click Internet Protocol 4 In here you will see if it's static or dynamic - static meanin "Use the following IP address" is checked.

"Local area connection does not have a valid ip address

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