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The total purse at the Australian Open will be a record $49.2m (A$71m), an increase of 13.6% from last year's tournament. The singles champion will take home $2,853,100 (A$4,120,000), while the runner-up will receive $1,430,012 (A$2,065,000). The 2020 Australian Open purse is $48,839,125 for the men's and women's tournaments. It's an increase of 13.6 percent from last year's purse. How much money does the winner get? The men's and Both champions collected winnings of $2,853,100 (£2,177,512) for their victories from the $49.2 million (£37.3 million) prize pot, according to the Women's Tennis Association's official website. The total Australian Open prize purse for 2020 is $71 million, up 13.6 percent on 2019. First-round main draw singles take home $90k, up 20% on 2019. Prize money has more than doubled (183.9% increase) from $25 million in 2011. Singles champions will take home $4.12 million. A record high pool of $71 million will be awarded to tennis players at the 2020 Australian Open, with the men's and women's winners each receiving $4,120,000 (Note: all figures are in Australian Aug 26, 2019 · In 2020, the Australian Open increased its prize money by over 13%. The overall payout was over $49 million, and winners of the men’s and women’s singles each received $2.85 million.

Federer's best-ever year on tour in prize money, and also in terms of performances for many fans, was 2017 where he racked up $11,754,077 thanks to winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the Sunshine Double which contributed heavily to that total figure.

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The Australian Open said today it will offer equal prize money for the men's and women's tennis draws next year, joining the US Open as the only Grand Slams to do so.

Australian Open 2017 Prize Money Breakdown - Tennis Guru Jan 23, 2017 Australian Open Announces Record Prize Money in 2019 On Monday, the Australian Open announced that its prize money in 2019 will be jumping to AUD $60.5 million (about $42.7 million dollars), an increase of about 10 percent from last year. Jan 21, 2020 · The total prize money purse for 2020 Australian Open will be AUD$71 million (USD$48.8m). Men and women singles winners will pocket AUD$4.5 million (USD$3.2m) each. Below is the entire breakdown of Australian Open 2020 prize money. Australian Open 2020 see record 13.6% increase in the total prize money pool which will take the total prize money for the entire competition to AUD$71 million (USD$48.8m) compared to AUD$60.5 million offered in 2019.