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2019 – TFS Mall Dec 20, 2019 Support workspace cloaking through a delimited list of This pull request is a replacement of PR #28. It incorporates the same functionality, but uses the Java SDK instead. From the original PR: This change adds support for cloaking in the TFS workspaces. Along with providing the server path, a delimited list of server paths can optionally be included for cloaking. During workspace creation, each of the cloak paths are cloaked after the workspace

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Cloak, or cloaking, is an inherent ability of the Spy that is influenced by the Invisibility Watch, Cloak and Dagger, Dead Ringer, Enthusiast's Timepiece, and Quäckenbirdt. Cloaked folders in the TFS Build Workspace Nov 13, 2012

Nov 20, 2017

Apr 21, 2014 · Summary: Learn about Windows PowerShell and Team Foundation Server. Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Today I am happy to introduce a new guest blogger, Susan Ferrell. Susan has spent most of her professional life working with computers, from basement tech startups to high-end datacenters. The Criminal Cloak is a promotional cosmetic item for the Sniper. It gives the Sniper a dark, team-colored cape that drapes down his back. The cape is identical to the cape worn by Garrett, the main protagonist in Thief. This item was awarded in Genuine quality to players who purchased Thief on Steam before March 7, 2014. Update history Nov 08, 2017 · Visual Studio freezes when trying to connect to TFS because my credentials have changed windows 10.0 visual studio 2017 version 15.4 performance ide Maria Ghiondea [MSFT] reported Nov 08, 2017 at 06:54 PM Multiple Cloak / Uncloak function Include extension context commands also into File \ Source Control menu Fixed bug " Microsoft Visual Studio has detected that an operation is blocking user input. " in Folder Browser Dialog Jul 10, 2012 · Map to Local Folder (if the folder is unmapped or underneath a cloak) Remove Mapping (if this folder is the root of a mapping) Cloak (if this folder is mapped because its parent is mapped) Uncloak (if this folder is cloaked) Feb 25, 2019 · Prior to Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2017, moving or cloning of a TFS instance required manual preparation and configuration of existing instance’s backups. As of the time of this blog, the documentation for Move or Clone Team Foundation Server from one hardware to another only describes this older process. May 21, 2009 · The Cloak and Dagger will not automatically uncloak if the meter runs out, but will instead allow the Spy to remain partially cloaked, as when touching an enemy. The Cloak meter will not recharge underwater, unless the player is not currently using their Cloak. The Cloak and Dagger is automatically given to any player who obtains 11 Spy