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The title of this thread is "Source Natting to the same IP address through different WAN Connections." It sounds like you have a new question: "SMTP Proxy and Uplink failover" - you should post a separate thread for that, and you will get an answer that demonstrates the superiority of the Astaro solution over Cisco's. Cheers - Bob both Source and destination natting on - Cisco Community I have given the follwing commands but source natting is working but not the destination nat. ip nat pool TEST-POOL netmask ip access-list extended Test-1. 10 permit ip any host ip nat inside source static extendable. ip nat outside source list Test-1 pool TEST-POOL [ScreenOS] Resolution Guide - ScreenOS - Configure NAT Jun 16, 2020 Solved: Source Natting & Destination NAT - J-Net Community

Dec 19, 2013

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Jan 21, 2020 Technical Note : How to source NAT IPSec traffic entering This article explains how to source NAT traffic using a specific IP address for traffic entering an IPSec tunnel so that the NAT IP is clearly identifiable by the remote site for source … What is SNAT in F5 Load Balancing? SNAT vs. Inline. What