18/01/2011 · When this happens all the lights on my modem remain on, as they do when the internet is working. If I run diagnostics there appears to be no problem yet I still can't make any new connections unless I turn the modem and computer off and on again. I have contacted my ISP but they could not find any underlying issue, they restarted our internet

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My internet connection is lost when I leave my home and go

If you have an issue with your internet, and you reset your router, chances are that you are NOT going to fix your problem. This is why: Your modem has an IP address provided by the network, known as an external (or public) address. If you have a router, the router will request that IP like a computer would. The router than takes it, and hides 17/06/2020 · Usually, this practice makes sense, including on your home network. However, for some networks, you may want to turn off this capability. For example, networks in coffee shops and public places are frequently unsecured. Unless you have a strong firewall and are careful, avoid connecting to these networks because these are frequent targets of

There are a lot of reasons for internet to stop working when another device such us your computer to stop the internet. Since you only gave us limited information I will try and list a few possible scenarios: 1.

Oct 31, 2013 How to Automatically Turn Your Wi-Fi Back On in Windows 10